East District BAR

The competitions will be based on the following categories and rules:

Categories (season and events below)                  

Veterans (40 to 49 on VTTA standard)**  25/50/100
Veterans (50 to 59 on VTTA standard) ** 25/50/100
Veterans (60 plus on VTTA standard) **  25/50/100
Men 25/50/100/12hr
Women 25/50/100/12hr
Espoirs Plus **
Commencement of year of 23rd birthday to end of year of 25th birthday
Espoirs **
Commencement of year of 19th birthday to end of year of 23rd birthday
Juniors **
16th birthday until end of year of 18th birthday
2 x 10 & 2 X25
Juveniles **
12th birthday until 16th birthday
2 x 10

Handicap competitions - for all of the above categories except Veterans


1.  Competitions are open to riders who qualify in the above categories whilst being first claim members of an RTTC East District club (all such members are automatically members of EDCA).
2.  Competitions marked ** are open to both men and women.
3.  Rides completed before 31 October in open, semi-open or association events listed in the CTT National handbook or website are eligible.
4.  Minimum standards do not apply.
5.  Handicap competition will be based upon the East District handicap tables. Comparing the current season's best performances again personal bests at the commencement of the season.
6.  Team competition
      Men - based on a club team of three (on scratch)
      Women - based on a club team of two (on scratch)
7.  Tricycle performances will receive an allowance of 8.33%
8.  Trophies will be awarded to winning man, woman, junior, men's team, and women's team.  Certificates will be awarded to the accepted entries.

Entries, with validating result sheets, should be sent to the Competition Secretary to arrive no later than 31 October.

Vikki Reynolds, 33 Heath Crescent, Hellesdon, Norwich, BR6 6XF