Local regulations

1.  B10/35, B25/491 and 49b (Kentford Turn)
"Any rider not obeying marshal's instructions and the Law of the Highway at the turn will automatically be disqualified."
To be printed on all start sheets.
Clubs using either of the above courses must comply with the following:
a.  Have adequate marshals at the turn.
b.  Print a map of the turn on the start sheet.

2.  Club Event Applications
All applications for club events must be lodged with the Asst Hon Secretary (Club Events) by 30 November so they can be included in the East District handbook and website.  Failure to do so will result in the District Committee NOT approving such events.

3.  Observers
Clubs should ensure that at least one observer is appointed (these can double as marshals or other officials) for every Open and Club time trial.
In the case of Open events the observer should be named on the Police Notification Form.
Note: Observers will be urged to report any infringement of CTT rules and regulations, eg dangerous riding, company riding, etc, in the knowledge that in most cases the riders concerned would receive a warning for a first offence.

4.  A10
"The stretch of the A10 between Downham Market and Littleport is not to be used during the months of June, July and August.

5.  A14 trunk road
i.  Newmarket to Felixstowe
a.  All Sunday events during the months of June, July and August, the last rider should start no later than 09:00 hrs.
b.  On Saturday afternoons first rider to start no earlier than 14:30 hrs.
c.  No Friday evening events.

ii. Newmarket to Breacon Hill (Junction of A14/A140)
Evening events - first rider to start no earlier than 19:00 hrs

iii.  Beacon Hill to Felixstowe
a.  No evening events.
b.  No events on Bank Holiday Saturdays.
c.  Saturday afternoon events - first rider to start no earlier than 16:00 hrs.

6.  B10/3C
"Course B10/3 only to be used evenings Monday to Thursday with start no earlier than 19:00hrs."

7.  B25/17
a.  "Permission will not be granted to use the B25/17 unless adequate off-road parking is found."
b.  No Saturday afternoon events on the B25/17 during the months of June, July and August, the last rider to be off no later than 09:00 hrs on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

8.  U-turns
"U-turns will not be permitted on course or roads adjacent to start and finish areas while a race is in progress.
Note: Any breaking of this regulation in the first case may mean disqualification from the event.  Further cases will be referred to the District Committee.
Definition:  A U-turn is defined as a 180 degree turn completed within the highway whilst astride the machine. (It is recommended that the rider(s) shoud dismount, check the road is clear in both directions, then, with machine, walk across the road.)
The above regulation to be printed on all start sheets, including note and definition.

9.  Fluorescent clothing
"Timekeepers, pushers-off, marshals, observers, etc, must wear fluorescent waistcoats/jackets to indicate that the event is official and early warning to motorists.

10.  Signs
CAUTION - CYCLE EVENT, CAUTION - CYCLE RACE or CAUTION CYCLISTS signs must be used to warn of event.

11.  Numbers
Numbers will be at the headquarters and not at the start.
The above regulation to be printed on all start sheets.

12.  Warming up
No warming up along the course by competitors once the event has started.
The above regulation to be printed on start sheet.

13.  B10/34
"Competitors must not cross the white centre line before entering the slip road leading to the A14 eastbound."  
The above regulation to be printed on start sheet.  Failure to comply with theis regulation may lead to disqualification and further action by the District Committee.

14.  Turbo trainers
"The use of turbo trainers is banned at all events with am start times."
The above regulation to be printed on start sheet.
However, the use of turbo trainers and rollers is permitted at Morley village hall within the confines of the car park.
Note: Clubs may apply to the District Committee for special dispensation if they fel that the siting of any course of headquarters would render the regulation unnecessary.

15.  Earsham Village Hall
This regulation must be printed on start sheets for all events using this venue.
1.  No car parking
a.  In the private driveway next to the village hall
b.  At the nearby bus stop
c.  At the road junctions in the vicinity of the village hall.

2.  Inappropriate conduct
To retain the use of this hall any behaiour that might cause offence, eg loud noises such as the banging of car doors, indiscreet changing of clothing in the vicinity of residential area,etc, must be avoided.
Promoting clubs using Earsham village hall as their headquarters must display NO PARKING - CTT signs at the points referred to in the previous regulation, and appoint a steward/official to be on duty to ensure compliance.

With reference to Local Regulation 10, there is a stock of the relevant signs held by Don Saunders, who can be contacted on 01953 884297.